Our services are currently not available for your location, because of the infringing actions of your colleagues, photographers & their friends! This means that you may NOT purchase and use products from this store. Sending someone to purchase for you is considered an infringement. You may NOT send other people to purchase for you, and you may NOT purchase using tricks. Please respect this, do not take infringing actions, and do not support infringements.

Courses / tutorials with any of the Wonderful Props digital products are illegal. Please report any course and any infringement by sending an email with details and proofs to digital@wonderfulprops.com

These are (some of) the reasons, why you can't purchase in this store anymore. The desperate illegal purchasing attempts of some photographers and their friends, have blocked some of the items in this store for everyone. The list goes on, and we can't thank you enough for this kind of support (irony mode off)!

Facebook & Instagram messages don't reach us. Please stop sending our existing customers messages with offers to buy these items from them. They report every attempt of yours. They love and respect the hard work that was put into the products, and the pople behind this business.

Wonderful Props Team


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