Meet the artist

This story begins early in my childhood, when scribbling and colors were a joy to discover and play with! It continued with attending Art School and graduating from  Art University, with a Fine Arts and textile design specialization and the first state exam in teaching Art.

The Wonderful Props online store was opened in 2014. Being a creator and a photographer, I still owned a photography studio at that time, and loved crafting props for my sessions.
Creating for photographers around the world became my mission, and these were the products I offered in the years to follow.

2021 brought lots of changes on so many artistic levels.
This entire store changed too, and has not only a complete new system, to offer you a great experience, but also my creativity expressed into new items.

The product range is expanding, freshening up, allowing me to share my love, knowledge and passion for textiles.

The "Crafting" / "Cut and Sew" fabric products idea was born a few years ago actually. Many of you love sewing, crafting and being surrounded by beautiful designs, just like me. My goal was to create these for you, with easy to follow instructions.

You can sew the items with your children, grandchildren, for your kids / babies as a room decor, as a gift (everyone loves self made ones!), or as a prop for your photography business.

There's more to come for you, as some ideas evolve!

So grateful for every single one of you, for the lovely people I get to know and interact this way! So grateful for every company I work with, in providing the services, the materials, the manufacturing and shipping of my final products.

Every pattern is created by me, and every fabric/material I offer, is personally chosen and tested by me, to make sure it is the best quality I'm offering you.
While researching the materials, the and the companies I work with, I try to find and choose European based ones, to keep the production paths as short as possible, for the greater good of our environment.

I am happy you found the way to this place, the stories, the Art!

You're welcome to stay, to be inspired, create, enjoy, share your creations with us and inspire others!