Meet the artist

This story begins early in my childhood, when scribbling and colors were a joy to discover and play with! It continued with attending Art School and graduating from  Art University, with a Fine Arts and textile design specialization and the first state exam in teaching Art.

The Wonderful Props online store was opened in 2014. Being a creator and a photographer, I still owned a photography studio at that time, and loved crafting props for my sessions.
Creating for photographers around the world became my mission, and these were the products I offered in the years to follow.

There's more to come for you, as some ideas evolve!

So grateful for every single one of you, for the lovely people I get to know and interact this way! So grateful for every company I work with, in providing the service.

I am happy you found the way to this place, the stories, the Art!

You're welcome to stay, to be inspired, create, enjoy, share your creations with us and inspire others!